The Black Hole
mobile black holes

The original BLACK HOLE spinning tunnel, one of our many Effective products for haunted attractions and amusement parks.

Become part of the action and . . . Feel the Effect!

Our company has been designing and building haunted attractions since 1991. We manage six haunted houses in the Denver metro area and offer assistance to others across the country with their haunted house needs.

Effectech was the first company to offer the BLACK HOLE (the original Spinning Tunnel) for sale to the Haunted House Industry. Many have tried to copy, but nothing can duplicate the original.

The Black Hole

The BLACK HOLE can be seen at:
Six Flags Amusement Parks, Amazing Chicago and Wonderworld in Florida. We have customers in United Arab Emerits, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Toronto, Canada and Russia to name a few. In fact, we have BLACK HOLES in over 85 different haunted attractions in the United States alone.

Now your haunted attraction can be taken to the next level! Feel the Effect of the BLACK HOLE!!

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